Coming soon…The MANHOOD Show on Radio

Something new is brewing. Something great is cooking. Something so compelling and capable of redefining how we view masculinity is in the offing. And as we put finishing touches to the unveiling...lets just say that we're finally going on radio and it promises to be big and exciting...and it is the MANHOOD Show with Kingsley. ... Continue Reading →


You won’t believe what some women think about domestic violence and abuse

By Peter Adeosun Keyz I was at a pharmacy yesterday and here's what happened. The TV was showing a Nigerian movie where a guy was mauling his wife. It was a dreadful scene. He had her hands tied by the back while he was delivering hefty blows on her face, chest, and stomach. I could... Continue Reading →

For God’s sake, what were our forefathers thinking about women?

By Kingsley Obom-Egbulem Kenyan Maasai women: Many of them are said to be strongest supporters of FMG and have opposed the ban on the practice in the country. source: AFP Recently,I was examining some aspects of our culture especially in Nigeria and I couldn't but wonder the quality of thinking that produced such practices. For... Continue Reading →

Koffi Olomide’s Kung Fu Panda and the epitome of a 60 year old boy

By Kingsley Obom-Egbulem Just last week, I was involved in some kind of argument with a former colleague and the bone of contention was getting him to accept the fact that every male child in the course of their development first start out as boys emotionally and physically. But not all of them progress beyond... Continue Reading →

Domestic abuse: what happens when fatherless boys get hooked with ‘daddyless’ girls

Even with the presence of a loving and dotting father, some kids would go haywire. What then happens when there is no father and our dear single mom is trying be mom and dad? ask Kingsley Obom-Egbulem We all recall the pictures vividly. It was one no same mother would ever wished for; to appear... Continue Reading →

Preventing domestic abuse through purposeful parenting

The boy who would abuse women tomorrow is currently being raised somewhere right now. The lady he's likely going to abuse is also being raised somewhere right now. Is there anything parents can do now to ensure we don't raise wife abusers and women who would become victims of these abusive men? Thats the focus... Continue Reading →

FLASHBACK: when men came together to confront violence against women

In 2010, Nigerian men  courtesy of Project Alert gathered under one roof to address the issue of violence against women. The spark created by that historic meeting is still on. Lets keep it burning guys! Read details of that event below as captured by Kingsley Obom-Egbulem It was Tuesday, September 14,2010.Lagos,Nigeria.It was 9am and the... Continue Reading →

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