MENDDCUT  Campaign (Men Ending the Cut) is a male-led initiative to mobilise other men through creative and sustained advocacy to end female genital mutilation. The campaign has fathers of daughters as protagonists and catalysts in the campaign which draws its fire from pain and anguish of women who suffer irreparable complications including death during child bearing due to mindless mutilation of their genitals as girls. The campaign has “because we have girls” as its tagline.

FGM affects women. But it is a problem created by men. Like every other problem created by men, it is almost impossible to stop FGM in Nigerian without creatively engaging men and getting them at the vanguard of any effort aimed at stoping FGM. So ending FGM is simply getting men to see why they should say NO to FGM. When a woman dies due to complications from child bearing, sometimes it is seen as inevitable. But if that death is traceable to FGM,then it only makes sense to address the root cause of the problem, which is getting men to stop killing their wives and daughters.

That’s what the MENDDCUT Campaign is all about. Sensitising, mobilising,empowering men to kick against FGM in every Nigerian Community beginning with Lagos which is more or less a microcosm and a melting pot of all the communities in Nigeria.

Activities within the campaign includes:

1)A weekly radio show

2) A quarterly MenEngage on Ending the Cut

3) Publication of UNCut-a 12 page quarterly magazine for men on FGM

4) Promotion of the MANHOOD website

5) Production and distribution of anti FGM T-shirt to men wiling to wear the shirt and take selfies and post on their various social media platforms Good Men Hate the Cut,Great Men Stop it.

6) February 6: Live TV appearance with other men working on MeNDDCUT on International Day of Zero Tolerance Day for


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